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Hornby Island Coop Fir Removal


Hornby Island Coop fir removal

Taking out a tough tree, the old fir right beside the Coop on Hornby Island.

We had to remove this declinging/leaning D fir at the Honrby Island Coop. We weren’t excited about taking this one down, we know how much it meant to the Hornby Island residents. Sad to see it go.

Large Douglas fir in obvious decline and leaning toward the 25,000 volt BCH lines.

Silhouette of the tree being removed.

Working up the tree with the bucket.

It was quite windy, even at max reach with the boom the top was too large to safely control into a tight drop zone….

Large enough drop zone, except high winds forcing everything toward the septic system.

Chad jumped at the chance to finish the tree, climbing out of the bucket at nearly 75′.

Chad climbing gave me an opportunity to grab some nice shot of him finishing the tree. Great view of the water from +70′ up.

Quite a few people watching from the Coop.


Obligatory extreme angle shot.

Taking the trunk section down with the aid of the chipper winch for a pull. Sorry for missing the top, we had to go look at the next tree on the list (see last pic for a sneak peek)….

Next up… removing a monster uprooting/declining Douglas fir….

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