Enns Rd cottonwood removals


Enns Rd cottonwood removals

Removing some ugly cottonwoods next to the BC Hydro power lines along Enns Rd in Courtenay.
Removal of 7 large declining/leaning cottonwoods threatening both the three phase power lines on the N Island Hwy as well as the single phase power line on Enns Rd. Let’s start at the end. Great job, beautiful day, lots of wood

Beautiful day to remove some ugly trees.

Two crews working together to maximize efficiency on this labour-intensive job.

The machine assistance was nice to help keep the fall zone clear and reduce clean up time.

Roped and ready to fall. This tree’s days of threatening the power lines all around it are soon to be over….

The problem with cottonwood isn’t necessary the really weak holding wood, or the often rancid smell when cutting it up, it’s that it shatters into a million little pieces when it hits the ground….

Nearing completion. We skidded this massive log out of the way in one piece with the bucket truck.

The last trees went down quickly and safely, despte being surrounded by targets (power lines and shed).

Lots of wood.

Large diameter trees.

Obvious signs of decay in the largest stump.

Seriously decayed tree. Ants were crawling all over as I was cutting this up, not much holding it up.

More decay. Safe to say removing this whole group of trees was a good call.

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