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Uprooted Hemlock - Courtenay


Uprooted hemlock – Courtenay

Taking out an uprooting hemlock in Courtenay next to the BC Hydro power lines.

Cutting and lowering the whole tree…..
Port-a-wrap rigged up with a heavy sling for this one….

This hemlock has completely uprooted. All that was preventing it from falling on the BC Hydro power lines along the driveway is one cottonwood.

Blocks were cut off of the tree, which was progressively lowered with each chunk until it was upright. Once upright a secondary tag line was used to pull the tree back into the bush.

An excellent picture taken after the tree stump was reduced to a safe height. Had the danger zone not been extended ground workers would have been directly in the path of a deadly 75lb block of flying wood. 

Removing the rigging from a successfully completed job.

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