How to Tell When You Need Arborist Services

Trees are resilient but after suffering from extreme weather they could pose a danger to your property, structures or family. In these times, consulting with professional arborist services is a wise choice. Arborists are experts in tree planting and care and can advise on a wide variety of symptoms and situations ranging from dead, hanging […]

What’s the Difference between a Tree Service Company and a Landscaper?

Do you want your yard to be safe, healthy and ridiculously good-looking? Then you may be in the market for a tree service company and don’t even know it. Most people assume they need a landscaper when they’re considering tree and lawn care, and yet there are times you’ll benefit more from hiring an arborist […]

Tree Maintenance Tips for Healthy Landscapes

In order to tend to tree health, regular tree maintenance is an important practice. This is a combination of general care, trimming and preventative treatments for things like insects and diseases. Whenever storms pass through or extreme weather like heat domes, heavy winds or frigid temperatures settle in, trees experience damage and deterioration. There is […]

How Tree Trimming Companies Help Protect Your Trees

Winter is a great time to invest in your tree’s health, and tree trimming companies can help you by ensuring it’s done at the right time and in the right way. Between November and March trees are dormant, meaning they’re less susceptible to disease or insects and they even heal faster during this period. Trimming […]

Affordable Tree Care Services to Keep Your Yard Beautiful and Healthy

As a homeowner, you know how important it is to have a well-tended and beautiful yard. The best way to do that in the Comox Valley is by ensuring your trees are healthy and cared for. If you’re wondering what some affordable tree care services are, and why they’re worth investing in, then you’re in […]

An ounce of prevention now saves you from expensive tree removal later

When people search for affordable tree removal services for their home, it’s usually to solve a problem. And tree services companies definitely solve problems. It’s where we show our true Supertreeroness! But did you know the best way to keep the cost of tree removal in check is by investing in tree maintenance? You’ve likely […]