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Precision Tree Services Comox Valley, BC

Making a positive impact on Vancouver Island since 2007

Our goal at Precision Tree Services is to make a positive impact in the Comox Valley every single day. The way we do that is by saving our customers money on local tree work, providing superior service to our customers, giving back to the Comox Valley and empowering our people.

Let’s save you some money on local tree services

Keep connected with this website to track where we’re working. If you’ve got a small job and we’re in your neighbourhood, we might just do it for free. And if you need some wood chips while we’re close by, those are free too. Even if your job is a bigger one, you can save money by contacting us while our #industrialathletes are already in your area.

In fact, sign up to join #teamprecisiontree, and you’ll be automatically notified of location changes and of our latest adventures on our Tree Tales blog. So keep connected and help us make a positive impact every day. It’s free.

Let’s provide superior service to our customers

Precision Tree is committed to providing superior tree service work to our Comox Valley customers. Click here to learn more about our dedication to professional service.

Let’s give back to the Comox Valley

We love helping out our local area of Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland. We make frequent donations to a number of Comox Valley charities which work to make our community a better, healthier, safe place.

Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Watch us on Instagram. Help us make a positive impact in the Comox Valley every day.

Let’s empower our people

Our people are what truly set us apart from our competition. Their dedication to our trade rivals that of professional athletes; we’re a team of industrial athletes, and we truly love what we do. We respect our people and are committed to empowering them. We focus on training and skill development, building leaders and providing our team – at minimum – a Living Wage. Long term employees earn competitive benefits packages and profit sharing.

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