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Large fir removal - Hornby Island


Large fir removal – Hornby Island

Removing a large uprooting fir on Hornby Island.

Huge Douglas Fir leaning directly toward the 25,000 volt BCH line on Chandler Rd on Hornby Island.
Starting the removal of a large (1.5m DBH) uprooting and declining Douglas Fir on Hornby Island.

Big tree. Beautiful day.

The tree was almost horizontal at the top it was bent over so hard, but still fully supporting itself.

A little perspective on how hard the tree was actually leaning.

We reset the truck three times while delimbing the trunk just to keep the bucket truck out of the drop zone below.

Note the large limbs. Now at a height which required working right over the bucket truck. Ugh.

We noticed evidence of an old fence in the stump so I cut the wood down from the bucket, which saved me having to replace the 100+ driver chain I was using on my MS 660 (36″ bar).

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