With so many forests it’s no wonder the need for tree surgeons in the Comox Valley is so great. With the heavy rainfall and nutritious soil, there are all sorts of trees to stare up in wonder at. For instance, Douglas fir, western hemlock, sitka spruce, Douglas maple and red alder to name a few.

What’s a tree surgeon?

A tree surgeon is a highly skilled arborist. It’s a professional designation, although there’s no official ticket or certification granting an arborist surgeon status. Instead, the arborist’s reputation and past work is proof of their competence.

Because an arborist focuses on the health and safety aspect of trees, this career path is different from foresters and loggers.

How do you know you’re hiring a supertreero?

Trained Tree Surgeon

A great way to ensure you have a professional arborist with the mad skills to qualify as a tree surgeon PRIOR to letting them work on your trees is to make sure they are ticketed as either a certified utility arborist or an or ISA certified arborist.

A certified utility arborist is a specially-trained tree surgeon certified by BC Hydro to do tree work around high voltage power lines. 

An ISA certified arborist is a specially-trained tree surgeon certified by the International Society of Arboriculture to do tree work.

The best way to prevent poor tree work and potentially irreparable damage to your trees is to check the certification of a crew BEFORE they start work on your trees. 

It should also go without saying that hiring a guy to help you deal with your trees solely on the basis that he owns a chainsaw and will work for beer is ill-advised.

Tree surgeons in the Comox Valley are worth every penny

Here’s an illustration from our foreman James Flawith to demonstrate why professional arborists are so important!

Imagine your local supertreero is a dentist.

“James, WTF do dentists have to do with trees? You’re an arborist and this is a tree site and I’m here to nerd out on trees so start writing about trees or I’m going to leave and go eat steak and bounce on my trampoline,” you say.

Fair enough, here you go: trees and teeth are the same thing. Nobody gets jacked up to pay for a rotten tooth to get pulled. People aren’t pitching tents on the sidewalk outside Precision Tree Services to be the first to buy a ticket for a dead Douglas fir removal.

You’re not spending money on the procedure, you’re paying to get rid of the pain. You’re spending to relieve stress. If your teeth all fall out of your head, it’s going to be pretty hard to eat that steak. If your dead fir smashes through your kitchen, it’s going to be pretty hard to eat that steak. 

“Holy ##!@,” you say. The realization hits you like Bruce Willis seeing dead people.

“James, are we in the Matrix?”

Yes, yes we are in the Matrix and you can get whatever you want if you focus your mind and persist. 

Hold up. 

We got sidetracked somewhere around Douglas firs and dead people. We’re concerned with trees and teeth.

We get it. You want to spend money on your trees like you want another hole in your head. (You do not want another hole in your head.) 

However, you do want to get smarter, safer and even better looking. So hire tree experts and tooth doctors that work with precision. Right?

Are you ready to learn more about our certified utility arborists and tree surgeons?

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