Tree Tales

We thought “Tree Tales” would be a good name for our Precision Tree Services blog. In our day to day work of taking care of you, our community and our trees, we end up having a lot of adventures and stories to tell. And sometimes we even have a good #treehack or two.

What to expect on the Precision Tree Services Blog

One type of tree tale we like to share is a “good catch.” This is a safety near miss or close call. Any unplanned event of unseen hazard that could have caused injury, illness or damage but doesn’t is called a good catch. 

As scary as these experiences can be, we want to post about them to help others recognize and deal with potentially dangerous situations before they’re a problem.

Remember our Supertreero mantra: Be aware and stay safe out there!

Showing you how we’re making the Comox Valley even better looking

We know what you’re thinking. “Seriously! I know you mean well but how is it possible to be even better looking?”

Well, maybe we do some pruning to your maple tree to improve its structure. 

Or perhaps we execute a perimeter reduction of a Douglas fir so it takes up a bit less space. 

Oh! Or how about this? We could crown raise a cedar so you don’t knock and bruise your head mowing your lawn. (It’s happened.)

Here’s a thought: How about evening out the crown of your oak tree for a more aesthetically-pleasing shape? 

What if we raked up all those extra leaves or needles blown over from the neighbour’s trees? *shakes fist at neighbour’s trees*

Or we could help you bring your garbage cans in. Wouldn’t that make things even better looking?

Alright, alright. What if there is literally nothing that can be done? Well then, we’ll give you a smile and be on our way. Which might make you smile in return, and we all look a bit better with a smile, don’t we?