If you’re looking for high quality tree pruning services in the Comox Valley, contact us and we’ll gladly come by for a free consult.

We specialize in tree pruning, tree assessment, tree removal and more. To get an idea of what our team of Precision Supertreeroes brings to the job, think “the Avengers” but with more leaves.

Tree pruning services in the Comox Valley

Our pruning services come in a variety of forms, including spiral tree pruning, directional tree pruning and fruit tree pruning. 

And it’s totally fine if you have no idea what type of pruning you need, that’s our job!

As experienced, certified and fully insured arborists, knowing what kind of pruning will be the best choice for your tree is literally our specialty. And don’t forget the leafy Avengers saving-the-day thing. We’ve got that going for us too.

Directional, spiral and fruit trees—oh my!

Here’s a primer on the various tree pruning services we offer. And don’t worry if this reads like a foreign language. Just trust that we know what we’re talking about, and that your tree will get the best possible care.

Directional pruning—This type of pruning is often done to “thin out” a tree’s profile in order to enhance a view or allow more light to penetrate. Directional pruning can also “direct” a tree’s energy away from non-productive limbs and toward higher-priority branches.

Spiral pruning—Spiral tree pruning is a special form of pruning by which the removal of select branches allows wind and light to pass through the tree more effectively. This technique can make trees resistant to wind damage and allow more light into your property.

Crown raising/crown reduction—If you’re looking to have a higher height clearance underneath or around a tree, then crown raising is the pruning method for you. Crown reduction involves pruning the tops of trees to improve a view or protect nearby structures or utility services.

Fruit tree pruning—Fruit tree pruning is a more strategic version of directional pruning that’s done specifically to direct energy away from dying or otherwise non-producing limbs and toward productive ones. Professional fruit tree pruning can extend your fruit tree’s productive life

Tree Pruning Services with a far reaching bucket truck
Bucket truck far reach

Tree pruning is preventative

If you’ve lived in the area for a while, then you know what our storms can be like! Too often, trees are the victims in heavy wind storms, causing damage and power outages and making a mess in general. That’s why tree pruning services in the Comox Valley are so important.

Ready for some pruning? Give us a call today and ask us your questions, or request a free site assessment or estimate. Together, we work to determine the best course of action to suit your specific tree needs. Guaranteed.

Tree Pruning Services: Power line clearing - Before
Power line clearing - Before
Tree Pruning Services: Power line clearing - After
Power line clearing - After
Bucket pruning
Bucket pruning
Crown raising and topping
Crown raising and topping