Living in an area dominated with trees means stump removal in the Comox Valley is a bustling service! Tree stumps are difficult to remove from the ground and often require specialized machinery to get them out completely.

What is a tree stump?

Once a tree has been felled, the stump is what’s remaining of the trunk, with its roots still in the ground. 

In general, the stump is left to be removed and is the final service required to completely remove a tree.

What do you need for stump removal?

There are many ways to remove a stump but in our opinion, the hero of stump removal (besides our supertreroes of course) is a machine appropriately called a “stump grinder.” This machine uses a large cutting disc with sharp teeth to grind tree stumps right out of the ground.

Stump removal can also include the grinding out of the tree’s roots in order to completely remove all evidence that a tree ever existed on the site.

Are there any other ways to remove tree stumps?

Sure! But they’re way more work and are more intrusive. Stumps can be dug out or burnt, but we think shredding them with a stump grinder is the most effective and efficient method.

Stump removal using the grinding method is most commonly used in urban tree removals, when stumps are removed because a customer wants to plant a new tree or put in lawn after the tree removal.

Stump removal in the Comox Valley

Some people wonder if removing stumps is necessary. Our answer is, sometimes? 

Because, yeah, you could make a little flower bed around the stump and it can slowly rot away into the ground, that would be fine. As long as you don’t mind mowing around it for the next decade and you don’t want to plant any new trees nearby, since the stump’s roots are still taking up space in the ground.

Something else to keep in mind is once the stump is separated from the tree it begins decaying. Even though this is a slow process, over time this rotten tree stump may attract pests. Pests like termites or carpenter ants. Trust us, you don’t want those guys anywhere near your house.

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