Precision Tree Services Supertreeroes

Let’s take a moment to unmask our valiant Precision Tree Services supertreeroes so you can appreciate them fully. 

Supertreeroes…to the rescue!

These undercover superheroes are at the ready to take on even the most impossible-seeming tree situation.

Meet your Precision Tree Services supertreeroes

Meet BabeNo—Born in the kitchen on the flatlands, BabeNo found his true calling in the far west. After being a bush monkey and explosives specialist, he is now learning the ropes and kicking ass as a supertreero.

Did you know: He has the ability to fly (when jumping out of an airplane).

Meet Treebeard—A timber beast in his natural habitat amongst the trees that cover the face of the land. He smells of sap and gasoline, commonly with sawdust flakes scattered on his beard or in his pockets. Comfortable to abide in the space between earth and sky, up in the branches. Out on a limb, he hastens to be at height and will not tarry on the ground for long. This hairy manimal can be seen swinging through the trees shouting Eee-yeeehhhh!

Did you know: He can confirm that squirrels taste great.

Meet Gravel—He comes from a land, from a faraway place, where the caravan cattle roam. It’s flat and immense and the cold is intense, it’s barbaric but hey, it’s Ontario. He enjoys not eating any animals. When not cutting trees down, he’s hugging them.

Did you know: He once experimented in college, the result…C11H15NO2. He can also quote the entirety of Aladdin.

Meet Jake—He has breathed fire, tasted smoke and been sharpened by iron and refuses to fail! He is a determined, stubborn, goal-driven father, husband and local volunteer firefighter. He lives a life of chaos and thrives in it!

Did you know: What do you get when you have an angry dog in the snow? Frostbite!

Meet Jim-Bo—In Grade 8, James Flawith fell down two flights of stairs and went into a coma for 728 days. When he awoke, people called him “Jim-Bo” and The System drafted him to fight in The Grading Wars. After surviving The Wars, Jim-Bo studied until he realized he knew nothing. He sought refuge in the ancient art of arboriculture and eventually founded the supertreeroes, a team of tree superheroes dedicated to making us all smarter, safer and even better looking. Seriously.

Did you know: Jim-Bo’s alter ego James Flawith appeared on CBC’s Dragon’s Den to pitch a line of safety gear for kids called Lil Worker Safety Gear.

Meet J Rad—Born in the Valley of Bones, J Rad was raised as a farmer and athlete. He wrestled snakes in the Outback and swam with glaciers in Alaska before becoming a supertreero. J Rad is fuelled by a thirst for knowledge and gets amped by pushing life’s limits.

Did you know: As his alter ego, Jared Kowalchuk, J Rad studied neuroscience and is a practicing paramedic.

Meet Rizzle—As a former baby, he grew to become a child. Now, many years later, he is often still called a child and is told to, “grow up, stop making so many dumb jokes,” and to “wear more pants.”

Did you know: He often wears pants. Often.

SuperTreeroes... to the rescue!

Retired from the roster...