Serving the Comox Valley & Vancouver Island

Did you know we serve the Comox Valley with commercial, municipal and residential tree services?

Well, you probably did since you Googled “who is going to help me deal with this horrible-looking and dangerous tree in my yard” and our website came up.

Listed below are our general tree services with a short description. Please contact us with your questions, or to request a free site assessment or estimate.

Commercial, municipal and residential tree services

Hazard tree assessment and removal—Not sure if your old tree is a menace to society? We’ll figure it out for you, and get it out of your way if it looks dangerous. Or gives us the side-eye.

Tree pruning—Whether it’s directional pruning to eliminate intrusive branches or spiral pruning to make your trees more windstorm resistant, we’re your Comox Valley pruning Supertreeroes.

Crown raising—Are you tired of those low-hanging branches taking swings at your head? We’ll take care of that for you.

Crown reduction (“topping”)—Let’s keep those tall trees from blocking your view, drooping under their own weight or encroaching upon your home or utility services. 

Using a bucket truck (or climbing like the glorious apes from which we descended when the mood strikes), we’ll bravely and safely scale the highest heights and conquer whatever UNRULY TREE lies above and beyond the reach of mere mortals.

Storm clean-up—Do you have a tree you need cleared away? Even if a tree hasn’t failed completely, our wild Comox Valley weather may have left it dangerously unstable. We’re your knight-in-shining-armour, chainsaw-toting, Supertreero, calm-after-the-storm solution. Contact us for a free assessment.

Stump removal—Do the unsightly remains of that once-majestic cedar have you stumped? We guarantee our stump removal service is infinitely better than our puns. Although this one’s pretty good: Why couldn’t the tree stump play on the computer? It couldn’t log in! OK, OK, we’ll stick to our day jobs.

Lot/brush clearing—Our tree services also include slashing (brush chipping) and debris cleanup. Q: How do you clear a treed lot in the Comox Valley? A: You call Precision Tree Services!

Chipping—Did you give a random guy with a chainsaw a six-pack of beer to help you out and now you have a tangled pile of branches in his wake? Or was it you flexing your own tree-work skills? No shame! Just give us a call and we’ll help clean it up.

Traffic control and flagging—It may seem like a stretch for a tree service company to offer traffic control and flagging but we promise you, it’s a necessary service. We’re dedicated to running safe work zones and this includes the safety of others travelling nearby.

At Precision Tree Services, we’ll always put your safety first. We won’t recommend harmful or dangerous practices—instead we’ll suggest things like crown cleaning and deadwooding. Not sure what those terms mean? No problem, we’ll teach you. And, after we’re gone, you’ll feel safer around your trees as a result. Knowledge is power!

All inclusive tree services: Panographic - Professional Tree Maintenance Services
Expert Tree Surgeon - providing all inclusive tree services
Falling large hazard tree
Tree pruning just one of the tree services we offer.
Tree pruning - crown reducing and side pruning
Clearing storm damage, just one of the tree services we offer.
Storm damage
Chipping debris, just one of the tree services we offer.
Chipping debris