The Precision Promise

Smarter, safer, and even better looking.

No matter the job, if you’re looking for tree services in Courtenay our stacked team of Supertreeroes is at the ready, just waiting for your distress call.

But we didn’t become your local, neighbourhood Supertreeroes overnight. No, our arborists are highly trained and stay on top of the latest in arboricultural research. Why? So we can transfer that knowledge to you!

Our aim at Precision Tree Services is to go above and beyond to find the best possible solution for your tree problems.

Once we’re done saving the day, you’ll be smarter, safer and even better looking. 

Or at the very least you’ll know more about your trees.


Let’s get one thing straightened out right away: we’re not big, angry-looking lumberjacks. We’re intelligent arborists who take time to assess your unique needs and ensure you understand the work we’re going to do before getting started. 


We make customer education a part of our service because we care about you and your safety. In fact, we’ll arm you with so much knowledge that you’ll be equipped to spot potential hazards and know when it’s time to give your local Supertreero a call.

And even better looking

Alright, let’s be honest—you already look amazing. But with our help, you’re going to get even better looking. We know! How is that even possible!? 

Simply put, working with us means you’re going to get smarter. And smarter people are more attractive. 

Working with us also means your yard is going to be safer. What does safety have to do with looks? Well, we heard 9 out of 10 safetyists agree that safer people are more beautiful. 

And, if all else fails? Well, we’ll make you smile. How are we doing on that front? 

People are much better looking when they’re smiling. Right!?

The Precision Promise

At Precision Tree Services, we take the time to assess your needs first. Selling you on tree work isn’t our priority—ensuring we choose the best long-term plan for you is. 

Together, we work to determine the best course of action to suit your specific tree needs.

We know you’re going to love the results. In fact, we guarantee it.

Our Commitment

But what happens if we break our Precision Promise? 

This is where most companies stop and point you to their customer complaints department and expect you to argue your case. 

But for us at Precision Tree Services, that’s just not good enough!

We talk a big game of making you smarter (and safer…and even better looking) but all of that is just lame advertising if it’s not backed by something substantial.

Our Guarantee

How does this sound?

If you choose to work with Precision Tree Services and we don’t leave you smarter, safer or even better looking we’ll fix it. Simple as that.

And if we can’t fix it? We’ll give you a full refund. No hassling, no arguing, no bull##!@.

Hell ya, right!?


Contact us today to get smarter, safer and even better looking. Seriously. Maybe you’ll even need some of the best tree services in Courtenay, too.