At Precision Tree Services, we offer tree trimming in Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland. While much of this service is focused on tree aesthetics, tree trimming isn’t all vanity. When left to their own devices, trees can escape their carefully manicured shape and appearance and become unruly and a potential hazard.

What is tree trimming?

“Trimming trees” is an old-school slang term for tree pruning. 

Tree pruning is when trees are cut back. This selective practice removes undesirable parts like branches, buds and roots. 

Arborist training, knowledge and work techniques have come a long way since the good old days of tree trimming. Today’s arborists are highly-skilled, knowledgeable professionals who can help inform you on the health and maintenance of your trees.

When is tree trimming in the Comox Valley required?

Here are just a few scenarios where you might want to consider tree trimming or pruning:

  • If you’d like your trees shaped or the branches redirected
  • When trees are outgrowing their space
  • To remove deadwood
  • If limbs are blocking a desirable view
  • If there are dangerous limbs threatening power lines, homes or driveways
  • For improved tree health
  • To increase fruit production
  • If you want to create a hedge or privacy barriers
  • If you need targeted removal of unwanted parts due to disease, damage or death
  • To keep shrubs and trees aesthetically pleasing

Tree trimming doesn’t have to be a big deal although it can be a lot of work. That’s where we come in. Your local neighbourhood Supertreeroes at Precision Tree Services are trimming experts and will leave you smarter, safer and even better looking. Seriously.

Tree Trimming Services

Tree care tips

Since you’re looking up tree trimming in the Comox Valley, you obviously care about your trees. Here are a few tips for maintaining your tree’s health for as long as possible.

Watering—our annual rainfall handles much of the required watering but sometimes extra care is required. The first three years of a tree’s life are the most critical but also make sure to water whenever you notice the area around the roots is dry. Water the root ball when the temperature is cool, either in early morning or late evening.

Fertilizing—this may be necessary if a soil test shows a lack of nutrients. If this is the case, apply the right type of fertilizer according to the advice of a nursery professional. Fertilizer application is generally advised for springtime before the trees begin budding. 

Mulching—mulch is material spread over the ground as covering. In general, wood chips, compost and leaves work best since they’ll add nutrients to the soil as they decompose. Mulch increases soil health, reduces weed growth and helps retain moisture.

If you’d like to ask us a question about tree trimming or anything else, or you’d like to request a free site assessment or estimate, please contact us.