If you have a tree problem, a certified utility arborist is your best and brightest solution. At Precision Tree Services, our superhero team of tree experts includes highly-trained certified utility arborists, apprentice utility arborists and groundsmen.

We’ve been in the tree service industry since 2009, which means we can handle even the most unruly or pretentious tree.

We’re certified

Our owner and lead supertreero (foreman) James Flawith is one of Courtenay’s few certified utility arborists.

This means he can defeat even the most precarious of enemies—dangerous trees and menacing vegetation threatening nearby electrical equipment or power lines. 

Precision Tree Services is one of the only tree service companies entrusted with BC Hydro’s line clearing and other tree services on North Vancouver Island.

Removing dangling limbs and unruly trees safely and efficiently is never more important than when they’re in close proximity to charged electrical equipment!

What is a (certified utility) arborist?

We know we’ve been throwing around the term “arborist” a lot but our preferred noun is actually “supertreero.” You know, tree-heroes? Like the Avengers but with more leaves. And chainsaws.

Anyway, since you asked, an arborist is a tree service professional, also sometimes referred to as a tree surgeon.

If you require tree work on your property, be it pruning, tree removal, felling or stump removal, it’s important to hire a (certified utility) arborist to ensure your tree work is done properly. 

How do you know you’re dealing with a professional supertreero? Ask if they have a valid certified utility arborist (CUA) or ISA certified arborist ticket. They should. Ask this question before allowing anyone to advise you and work on your trees.

“Utility arborist” means they’re trained and certified to work in proximity to utilities or other energized electrical structures. This type of work could include clearing tree branches from utility lines or removing trees, which could come into contact with power lines.

Those who have the certification have completed a training program as well as over 2,000 hours of on-the-job experience.

A CUA is *slightly* more qualified to assist with your tree service needs than the random guy with a chainsaw who lives down the street and will work for beer.

ISA stands for “international society of arboriculture” and these credentials differentiate tree care professionals from hobbyists. This is a voluntary step but it demonstrates arborists have the proper skills as well as the dedication to their profession.

Arborists take great pride in selecting the correct course of action for the trees on your property. And you should take great pride in the fact that you’ve settled for nothing but the best tree service professionals.

Here are some other things you may not know about Precision Tree Services

  • We provide services in Comox, Courtenay, Cumberland and the rest of the Comox Valley
  • We’re family operated
  • Our company is fully insured
  • Precision Tree Services is locally owned
  • We are SAFE certified
  • We’re one of the only BC Hydro certified tree service companies in North Vancouver Island

Want to find out more about our (certified utility) arborists?

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