Boldly protecting the Comox Valley from dangerous trees

For professional tree assessment and removal in the Comox Valley, Precision Tree Services is the natural choice. As certified utility arborists, we know our trees. 

But more importantly, our highly trained Supertreeroes spend their days boldly protecting the Comox Valley from dangerous trees.

Honestly, they probably also spend their nights patrolling for unruly trees but we don’t track our arborists when they’re off the clock so we can’t say for sure.

Tree assessment and removal in the Comox Valley

Having a professional tree assessment helps you spot potential issues and weaknesses before they become a major problem. 

Once you’re aware of your weak points, we can design a customized preventative solution, which will save you thousands of future dollars in insurance claims since those situations were avoided.

More to the point, if you’re concerned about a tree or stand of trees on your property, we can assess its health and potential hazards, and then mitigate those hazards (if necessary) through strategic tree pruning or tree removal.

Hazard tree assessment is a service we’re happy to provide for free in the Comox Valley. All you have to do is contact us and request a site visit.

When is tree removal necessary?

Tree removal is often (but not always) a good idea when:

  • The tree is growing dangerously close to structures or utility services
  • The tree has become unstable, whether due to wind damage or general health
  • A tree is leaning at a dangerous angle
  • There is insufficient room for the tree to grow
  • The tree is dropping sap or branches, blocking a view, inhibiting light or has otherwise become a nuisance

Here’s a story to illustrate why tree assessments are so important

Our Supertreeroes were called in after a maple tree completely uprooted over a BC Hydro 25,000 volt power line. A large spruce tree on the opposite side of the power line was the only thing keeping the maple from falling onto the wires.

Our tree assessment indicated a total failure and the crew determined the best option for removal was pulling the uprooted maple out of the spruce with heavy bull ropes and falling it perpendicular to the power line. 

Here’s what happened next:

  • An outage on the BC Hydro power line was obtained, since a number of the maple tree’s large limbs were tied up in the spruce over the line
  • The crew used two ropes to pull the large maple away from the power line 
  • Permission from the customer was granted to remove smaller trees in the fall zone to allow both ropes to pull the tree back without brushing adjacent trees and avoid damaging the ropes or gear
  • Trifors were hooked up to the ropes and the tree was straightened out
  • Quick and accurate falling cuts were made to the unstable tree
  • The tree safely hit the ground without any additional damage

If we hadn’t come in to do the assessment, the maple could have fallen onto the power lines, which would have knocked the power out, smashed the pole and destroyed the transformer.

How do you know if a tree has become unruly and hazardous?

It’s not always easy to tell if tree removal is necessary. For example, just because a tree is growing near your home or utilities doesn’t automatically make it unsafe. Regular tree pruning may be enough to keep it safe, healthy and beautiful.

If you’re not sure if your tree is going to cause problems, contact us for a free hazard tree assessment. We’re the obvious choice for tree assessment and removal in the Comox Valley. 

Tree assessment and removal. Assessing a dead fir tree.
Assessing dead fir tree
Declining fir hazard tree
Declining fir hazard tree
Declining maple stump ready to fall
Declining maple stump ready to fall
Falling stump from dead and decayed arbutus
Falling stump from dead and decayed arbutus
Severely decayed cottonwood stump
Severely decayed cottonwood stump