Cortes Island – Elton Anderson’s old growth fir

The biggest tree I've ever had to remove. 7' at the base, after about 1' of bark was removed.

Storm calls for BCH, you never know where you might end up, who you might meet, or what you might do….Thanks to the people of Cortes Island for their support. We really appreciate all the positive comments we received, all the way up until we got off the ferry in Campbell River. It was a tough decision to remove such a remarkable tree, but I feel it was the correct course of action from both a public safety and BCH system reliability standpoint. Both my groundman/dad Steve and I feel honoured to have been able to do the job.Thanks to John Sprungman for the help with photos and history of the Anderson Tree.

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Elton Anderon’s Old Growth Fir, estimated at 800 years old, now missing its top, significant massive branch failure, evidence of serious decay.

Beautiful day to remove some ugly trees.

Booming up to inspect tree and determine appropriate course of action.

Sadly, tree assessment indicates total removal the most prudent course of action from both a public safety and system reliability standpoint. Beginning to clear a clear small diameter trees from the large tree’s intended fall path.

Installing a rope for directional control during felling. The tree diameter was too large to throw the rope around; I had to notch the bark and drape the rope around the trunk, booming around from both sides to be able to tie the rope to the tree.

The pull rope was redirected from a block to the 18,000lb hydrualic winch on the front of the bucket truck to help pull the tree over. Shot taken during rigging set up, all crew were cleared out of the bight during removal.

To ensure accuracy of cuts and also so the largest bar I had with me (36″) could actually cut the tree up I cut all the bark and some wood from the trunk. Debarking was extremely messy. I estimate the bark to be about 8″ thick.

Conferring with John, the excavator operator after debarking.

Even with all the cutting to reduce the tree’s diameter, we still had to block out the face cut.

Double checking the accuracy of the falling cuts.

A shot from the cab of the boom truck where the 18,000lb winch would assist in pulling the tree over.

Dust settling after a successful removal.


Got pitch? Pitch was pouring out of the tree while I was cutting it up. I was, literally, covered from head to toe in it.

MS660 with a 36″ bar on the stump.

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Cutting off the “whiskers” from the stump.

7′ DBH after removing approximately 1.5′ of bark and wood from the stump to facilitate removal.

Thanks to my trusty groundman, my dad Steve Flawith, for sacrificing his weekend to come help me out on super short notice.

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