The Rake

What's does your rake say about you? More than you'd think.

On our job site, you take care of your rake. A broken, or (heaven help me) lost, rake can hold up production as much as a broken hydraulic hose, a missing groundsman or an urgent call from John.

Your rake should be treated with the respect it deserves. Put it away when you’re not using it. Don’t throw it. Don’t drive over it. Your rake is not a sword. Your rake is not a pitch fork or a shovel. Your rake work is a direct reflection of your attention to detail. Your attention to detail is a direct reflection of the level of service your company provides to customers. The level of service your company provides customers impacts how much your company’s service is worth and whether or not you are called back for repeat business or referred to friends and neighbours for new business.

The next time you see an employee abuse a rake, watch carefully. Watch to see how they treat a chainsaw. Is the saw thrown around carelessly? Is the saw left on the side of the road? Is it put back in the truck out of gas with a dull chain? Does that same employee drive the company’s equipment too aggressively? Does the boom truck have dents from the branches that were carelessly dropped on it from above?

And what about that rake? Was it lost in the commotion that resulted when the aerial worker in the dented truck was given an empty dull saw to use in the tree?

My rake is not a rake. It’s my business card. My website. My rake is my reputation.

What does your rake tell the world?

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