Do Not Trim 2


Do Not Trim 2

An update to the Original "Do not trim" post. We're on the edge of our seats!

You might be interested to know what happened after I took the picture of the note I posted in, “Do Not Trim”. Well, I vented. I wrote “Do Not Trim” sitting right then and there in front of the cherry tree. I shared the post to a few social media sites to stir up a discussion. Discussion happened. Rants were ranted.

I tried to work, but couldn’t shake that ghost, that feeling.

So I just went home.

I left our brand new first year apprentice to work with our newly certified Certified Utility Arborist running two bucket trucks trimming trees for the utility with flaggers on a main road on a double circuit.

And the guys were amazing. The crew did high quality work and continued to beat our time estimates on all the sites they completed, then they left early too. I can’t blame them, it was a beautiful day. I’m extremely proud that our crew did an effective job without me there.

I managed get out and join our family for our 3.5 year old’s pre-school class on a field trip to a local forest.

I still had to do something about that note. So I left a note of my own. Tit for tat, I figured fair is fair. What would you write, if you were me?

Would it look like this?

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