Vancouver Island storm clean-up and tree removal

Ripping winds and torn off limbs. Got storm damaged, hazardous trees? Give us a freaking call already!!!

Note: This is a cautionary tale; if you’re in the Comox Valley area and have storm damaged trees that need to be removed right away, please contact us for immediate tree service.

It’s a dark and stormy night…. (It’s surprising how many of my tree stories start that way.) The rain’s been pounding down for hours and now the wind is approaching gale force. Suddenly, above the noise of the storm, you hear a crack, a whoosh – and then a SMASH!

There are few sounds to rival that of several tons of falling wood colliding with a pick-up truck. But, generally, when you hear it happen, you know what it is. Trust me, it’s not fun. Worse yet, it was probably preventable.

So with winter well on its way, there’s no better time to think about what to do before, during and after the storm.

Avoid tree storm damage in the first place

“Look up…look waaaaay up.” The Friendly Giant had it right: the best way to avoid storm damage is to take a close look at your surrounding trees. Are there any loose braches hanging or caught up? Are things leaning or creaking more than they were last year? Or maybe the top of a tree no longer has needles or leaves and the bark is peeling away.

Removal of problem trees is key to saving damage, time and money. Not sure what you’re looking for? A certified arborist will help you find problems before they end up on the hood of your car or putting new ventilation in your bathroom. Every tree within striking distance of your property has the potential to damage it. Let a professional assess your particular situation.

During the storm event

First and foremost, make sure everyone is safe. If there is any possibility of more damage occurring, change your location – go to a neighbour’s, get down to the basement, whatever it takes to get out of harm’s way. Then, call BC Hydro, call your insurance provider and start taking a whole bunch of pictures.

After the storm has passed

Safety remains the top priority. Don’t let people in the “danger zone” until you’ve spoken with professionals who can identify hazardous situations. Often a strong storm may cause new damage, from hanging branches to weakened root systems, so a post-storm consultation is another form of prevention.

There are numerous ways to mitigate tree damage to your property through removal, thinning, pruning, crown reduction or powerline clearing. We’re always happy to come by and offer a complimentary tree health and hazard assessment.

Whether it’s working with BC Hydro to deal with storm carnage, assessing and removing hazards or cleaning up your property, our team of #industrialathletes will work with you to keep your family and your property safe during storm season. To learn more about our services, the certified professionals who provide those services and our service commitment, visit

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