The Precision Promise

Precision Tree promises to make you smarter, safer and even better looking. Seriously.

At Precision Tree Services, we’re committed to helping our customers get smarter, safer and even better looking. Seriously. Here’s what makes Precision a different kind of tree company…

Get smarter with Precision

At Precision Tree, we take the time to assess your needs first. Selling you on tree work isn’t our priority – ensuring we choose the best long term plan for you is our priority. Our arborists stay on top of the latest in arboricultural research so we can transfer that knowledge you. Together, we can work to determine the best course of action to suite your specific tree needs. After we’re gone, you’ll be smarter, knowing more about your trees.

Get safer with Precision Tree

At Precision Tree, we’ll always put your safety first. We won’t recommend harmful practices like topping. We will recommend beneficial practices like crown cleaning and deadwooding. Not sure what those terms mean? No problem, we’ll teach you. And, after we’re gone, you’ll feel safer around your trees.

Get even better looking with Precision Tree

“Seriously. Even better looking?” you ask.

“Yes,” we reply.

How is that even possible?

Well, maybe we do some pruning to your maple tree to improve its structure. Or execute a perimeter reduction of a Douglasfir so it takes up a bit less space. We could crown raise a cedar so you don’t knock and bruise your head mowing your lawn. How about evening out the crown of your oak tree so it’s shape is more aesthetically pleasing? What if we raked up all those extra leaves or needles blown over from the neighbor’s trees? Or we could help you bring your garbage cans in. What if there is, literally, nothing that can be done? Well then, we’ll give you a smile and be on our way. Which might make you smile in return, and we all look a bit better with a smile, don’t we?

What if we break the Precision Promise?

This is where most companies stop, ask you to “CONTACT US” and expect you to “trust” them. That’s not good enough at Precision Tree. All this talk of making your smarter, safer and even better looking (seriously!) is just lame advertising if it’s not backed up by something. Something substantial. How about this:

If you choose Precision Tree and we do not leave you smarter, safer or even better looking we’ll give you your money back. No hassling, no arguing, no bullshit.

Hell ya. Right?

Contact us today to get smarter, safer and even better looking. Seriously. Maybe you’ll even need some of the best tree service in the Comox Valley, too.

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