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Stump Removal Options for Your Garden

Dealing with unsightly stumps may seem like a huge task, but tree stump grinding can deal with the bulk of the root system in a few hours. A short span in comparison to the years it would take to decompose!

Another option is to manually pull the stump and tree roots out of the ground. It’s possible, but an intense job with lots of labour. Machines make everything easier!

Of course, you can always leave your tree stump to decay over time. The drawback is that ugly stump will stare you down every day, wreak havoc on your lawn mower blades, trip Granny at the reunion lunch and will even attract pests, fungi and sometimes even diseases.

Tree Stump Ideas

If you decide you’d like to leave your tree stump and want to repurpose it, here are a few ideas for incorporating it into your garden.

Make a planter or pot stand

You can easily repurpose your tree stump into a charming plant stand or even hollow out the middle to create a planter. You can try flowers, climbing plants or interesting foliage.

Create a fairy garden

Incorporate natural and whimsical elements to design a tree stump fairy garden. You can add windows and doors and even a roof to the stump and place gnome figurines and other fun elements around the area to build a delightful, colourful outdoor experience.

Build garden furniture

Transform your tree stumps into stools, chairs or even a rustic table to enjoy in the great outdoors. You can carve the seat with a chainsaw or attach a countertop to create a natural dining spot perfect for outdoor summertime meals.

What is stump grinding?

Once a tree has been cut down, a stump grinding machine chews up the remaining stump. The machine has a rotating blade with teeth that chips away at the wood as it spins. Over time the wood is reduced to loose chips.

In general, a stump grinder can take care of the visible stump, down to a few inches underground. Concrete, brick or rock around the stump may limit how much of it can be removed, as well as irrigation systems or even other trees that may have roots under the tree stump could limit grinding.

Once your stump is ground, it becomes mulch, which decomposes quickly and is helpful for protecting other tree root systems and backfilling.

While it may be easier to do stump grinding at the same time you have your tree removal service, you can actually remove a tree stump at any time.

How to decide whether or not to remove your stump

Choosing whether or not to remove your stump comes down to your individual situation and landscaping plans. The stump grinding process removes the visible stump, but leaves the roots behind. Removing the widespread roots is a much more invasive process and involves digging out the roots, often by hand. Leaving the stump in place is also always an option and it will decay over time, although this could take up to a decade to decompose.

Before you jump into stump grinding, it’s best to consult a professional to help evaluate the site and determine the best course of action. Give us a call to ask all your stump removal questions, we’re happy to help.

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