Tree Trimming Services

Looking for Tree Services Near Me? Here are 7 Defined and Explained

Every tree is different, which is part of what makes trees such a great accent to your yard and landscaping. So when you’re frantically searching for “tree services near me” or just starting to consider ways to beautify your yard, it’s important to understand the different options and decisions you’ll have to make.

Residential Tree Services

Trees grow in different ways and at different rates, and have many unique features, which may make the tree services you need different from your neighbour. Here are a few types of services to consider when your magnificent trees need some maintenance…or more.


After that last wind storm, did you lose a few branches or even a tree or two? When you have tree debris littering your property it can feel overwhelming to deal with the mess. Chipping involves a handy wood chipper, which makes quick work of cleaning your yard debris and leaves you with useful mulch.

Crown raising

If you’re getting tired of ducking tree branches as you mow, it may be time for crown raising, also called crown lifting. This is a process of removing the lowest branches, resulting in the base of the crown being lifted.

Crown reduction

If you spot some dead, damaged or diseased branches, you may want to consider crown reduction when searching for tree services near me. Crown reduction removes branch tips, pruning them to a healthier growth point.

Stump removal

When you have a tree removal, you’re often left with an unsightly stump. What to do? It’s possible to remove stumps, either manually with tools to dig the stump and roots out from the ground, or with a stump grinder machine.

Tree assessment

If you spot a potential issue, or aren’t sure if a tree is safe or not, it’s a good idea to bring in a professional for a tree assessment. This will bring you peace of mind and also help you identify weaknesses and trouble spots before they become hazards.

Tree removal

This tree service is self-explanatory, the removal of entire trees. While it’s never an easy decision to remove a tree, sometimes it’s necessary. For example, tree removal helps mitigate hazards, protect other trees and can prevent future insurance claims.

Tree pruning

If you want to improve your tree’s structure and health, you may want to invest in tree pruning. This is a process that selectively removes branches to ensure balanced crown formation and strong branches.

When considering tree services, it’s always our recommendation to get a professional assessment before you get started. An arborist will look for ways to solve your problem and save the tree, if possible. They’ll also help you avoid harmful or dangerous practices and instead point you towards safer options. 

At Precision Tree Services, we offer free assessments and will give you our professional opinion to help you reach your ideal outcome. As arborists, we love cutting trees but our true purpose is keeping our community safe. We would be pleased to help keep your home both safe and ridiculously good looking.

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