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How Tree Trimming Companies Help Protect Your Trees

Winter is a great time to invest in your tree’s health, and tree trimming companies can help you by ensuring it’s done at the right time and in the right way.

Between November and March trees are dormant, meaning they’re less susceptible to disease or insects and they even heal faster during this period. Trimming is also easier when trees are dormant because the leaves are gone so you can actually see the dead or diseased branches you want to remove.

Some homeowners may neglect this maintenance task, either forgetting about it or assuming it’s not critical. However, it’s one of the most important aspects of tree care and should be done every three to five years.
Here are four reasons why tree trimming is always a good idea
Overall tree health
When a tree has overgrowth, this negatively affects its overall health. Trimming allows the remaining branches to grow healthy and strong and improves the tree’s structure.

Trimming is often called tree pruning, which involves removing branches to aid in continued healthy growth. This could be to help shape the tree, to remove obstructions or to protect the tree from diseased branches.
Increased safety
If your tree sustains damage in a storm, or there are dead, dangling branches hanging high above, this tree is not safe to be around and poses a risk to you, your family, your property and anything in its path.

Tree trimming companies are equipped to handle potentially dangerous situations and have the training and tools to remove dead or diseased branches without further damaging the tree. It’s always a good idea to call the professionals when dealing with strategic pruning!
Improved appearance
Looks matter when it comes to trees and we want your yard to look as beautiful as possible. Every tree has a natural shape and trimming acts as a haircut to enhance what’s already there, improving the tree’s appearance.

If you want to increase your curb appeal or just get rid of that “I just woke up” look your poor, misshapen trees have going on, tree trimming will make all the difference.
Protected landscape
For those who want it all, many lush, tall trees, green grass and bountiful gardens, tree trimming is how this is possible.

When branches are dense and packed together, it can literally stop the sun and rain from getting through to your grass and gardens, preventing them from living their best life. Tree trimming companies can help you ensure both sunlight and moisture reach past the branches and benefit everything on your property.

Tree trimming can also give you that amazing view you’ve been wishing for, without removing your trees.

Precision Tree Services is your resident expert for dealing with preventative and aesthetic pruning for all of your tree trimming needs. When you request your free estimate, we’ll work together to determine the best approach for your unique needs. Contact us today!

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