How to Tell When You Need Arborist Services

Trees are resilient but after suffering from extreme weather they could pose a danger to your property, structures or family. In these times, consulting with professional arborist services is a wise choice.

Arborists are experts in tree planting and care and can advise on a wide variety of symptoms and situations ranging from dead, hanging branches and dangerous-looking leans to discoloured leaves and split, cracked or peeling bark.

Sometimes a tree can be treated and saved, while other times the best course of action is complete tree removal. Your local Supertreero will know which path is best and will ensure it is done safely and efficiently.

4 ways to tell it’s time for arborist services

Any time you’re unsure if you need a professional to help you handle a tree situation is a good time to reach out and contact your local tree services company. But if you’re looking for slightly more direction, here are four signs it’s time to bring in arborist services.

Storm damage

Whether it’s extreme heat or high winds, once a weather event passes it’s good to survey your trees and see if there’s damage. But before grabbing your chainsaw and doing a quick DIY job, get a second opinion from a tree expert.

A tree may look like all it needs is a quick trim but there may be damage below the surface only a trained eye will know to look for. And if you don’t know how to prune properly, then you could be putting your tree at an even bigger risk.  

Dangerous-looking dangling branches

If you notice some sketchy or nearly-dead branches hanging high above, this is a great time to call arborist services. If a branch is causing a potential hazard you want it dealt with quickly and properly, so anyone or anything below the tree isn’t at risk, and your tree is kept safe too.

Even if the branch doesn’t look like it would cause much damage if it fell, it’s still better to mitigate the potential issues before it happens. Do you really want to find out if a two-inch branch can impale your car’s windshield after falling 30 feet? Better to deal with it and never know for sure.

Exposed roots

Most of us naturally look up when we’re searching for potential hazards in our trees, but exposed roots can also be an indicator of future problems. 

If a tree’s root system is suddenly exposed or broken then your tree’s overall health could be at risk. If you notice this then schedule a consultation as soon as possible so you can nip this potential issue in the bud. 

Fungus at the tree base

When you see fungus on your tree this could be a sign of decay, so use this discovery as a trigger to call your local neighbourhood Supertreero for an assessment. They know the early signs of disease or infestation and can recommend the best action to take to protect your property.

If you know it’s time to bring in arborist services then contact us today to set up an appointment or free site assessment. We always put your safety first and will never recommend services you don’t need.

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