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Creative Ideas for Using a Tree Chipper Service

If you live in town, your only experience with a tree chipping service may be disposing of your annual Christmas tree. But there’s so much more you can do!

Let’s face it, yard work can get away from us. And when you finally get to that big spring cleanup, addressing those overgrown bushes, pruning those once-beautiful ornamental trees and uprooting miles of blackberry vines, you’re left with a mess! 

Rather than collecting the debris in your compost bin, allow us to present an alternative solution, at least for your branches and brush clippings: wood chipping. This both reduces yard waste and creates a useful resource since wood chips are great for mulching, pathway lining and even growing mushrooms.

Tips for using a tree chipping service

For most of us, owning a tree chipper or even renting one doesn’t make financial sense. The occasional wood chipping extravaganza is fun, granted, but often impractical. In many cases, bringing in a professional tree chipping service just makes sense.

They have the training, equipment and expertise to get the job done safely and in a fraction of the time. They’re also trained to use highly specialized tools needed for tree chipping service so there won’t be any surprises or accidents.

Also, before hiring some random guy with a wood chipper, check that they have insurance and safety gear. Things go much better if you’re dealing with a professional. Just saying.

Once the chipping is done you can either get the company to haul them away for you, or keep them for use in your yard.

What can you do with your wood chips? So glad you asked

What to do with wood chips

The most obvious use for wood chips is using them as mulch around your trees or in planting areas. There are lots of benefits, including suppressing weed growth, retaining moisture in the soil and regulating soil temperatures.

But if you’re good for mulch, here are a few other ideas.

Use in your planters

Almost any open soil can benefit from three inches of mulch. Plants or trees in pots won’t be mad if you add some extra wood chips on top of the soil.

Place over unused garden beds

When your garden beds are finished for the season, cover them with a layer of wood chips. This helps keep your soil ready for planting. If you don’t want the wood chips to migrate into your soil, then layer cardboard or newspaper over the soil and then cover with the wood chips.

Use on your compost pile

Adding wood chips to your compost will add nutrients as they break down.

Create pathways

Adding wood chips to informal pathways in your garden or yard can help keep weeds away and prevent soil compaction and erosion. It also looks nice.

Create a play area

Wood chips can define a space in your yard and soften the ground around playground equipment or a treehouse.

Place under open downspouts

If you have water draining from your roof to an open area or even into a garden bed, a layer of wood chips under the open downspout can help prevent the water from eroding the surrounding soil while still distributing the water properly.

At Precision Tree Services, we take care of all your tree services needs, including tree chipping service and so much more. Take a look at what we offer and get in touch if your yard could use some sprucing. (Get it? Spruce tree? Sprucing?)

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