Crown Reduction Tree Specialist Near Me

Alright, let’s talk about tree topping. Also known as crown reduction, this type of service is required in order to open up a view, stop a tree from drooping under its own weight or encroaching on a utility service. In every case, you will want to engage a local tree specialist to handle this type of job.

Tree topping is best left to the professionals because it either requires climbing the tree (like a glorious ape) or using a bucket truck. Unless you’re highly trained and have the necessary safety and tree equipment, attempting a DIY job is a recipe for disaster. Trust us on this.

The first question we’ll ask when you contact us about crown reduction is, do you really need your tree topped? When we come to check it out as part of our free site assessment, we’ll take the big picture into consideration. This includes asking:

  • Has the tree been topped before?
  • Is this the best solution for your tree problem?
  • Is this the most beautiful solution?
  • Can we find a service that requires less ongoing maintenance?

If we decide tree topping is the best option, and you decide you’re willing to spend the money to maintain the tree as long as possible, then we execute the crown reduction and we move on with our lives.

Alternatives to crown reduction services

If we don’t recommend crown reduction, there will always be another service we can provide. Here are two alternatives you may be asked to consider.

Tree repair

Even if your tree has been topped in the past, it’s possible we can repair and reshape your tree while still mitigating the issue that caused it to be topped in the first place. This is most often achieved with pruning and trimming, rather than chopping and topping.

Tree removal

If we can keep the tree, we will always recommend those solutions first, but sometimes the best option is to remove the tree and start over in a new location, with a more appropriate species. We’ll be upfront about the situation so you can consider all available options.

Now, you may be like, “Just take my money and chop the top of this tree!” But as your local “tree specialist near me” expert, we take a look at what’s best for you AND what’s best for the tree. Our goal is to leave you safer, happier, and ridiculously good-looking. And the truth of the matter is, tree topping leaves your trees looking ugly. If we can find a better, more beautiful way while still solving the original problem, then we’ll all be better for it.

Want to learn more? Contact us for a free site assessment or quote.

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