Types of Tree Care Services Jobs to Pursue

Do you love trees? Are you interested in getting into tree care services? Wondering how to become an arborist? There are a few ways you can get involved in the industry, either by starting as a general labourer and working your way up or by becoming certified and getting your foot in the door that way.

7 tree care services roles to consider 

Here are some of the most common tree care services positions you’ll encounter in this industry.

What is an arborist?

An arborist is most interested in a tree’s structure. They consider growth, cultivation, diseases, decay and how it relates to the overall health of a tree. Arborists are sometimes called tree doctors, which is an apt name since they look at the big picture, assess the situation and suggest a prescription to resolve any issues and to retain optimal health.

What is an arboricultural officer?

If you’re an arboricultural officer, you’re in the business of advising people on how to best care for their trees. Your responsibilities could extend to offering your expert opinion on urban planning and how it will affect trees, managing trees in public areas, doing tree surveys, supervising tree care or planting and educating people on tree care.

What is a certified tree climber?

Tree workers are highly trained and physically fit. They have tremendous skills and endurance and spend a lot of time climbing up and down trees. Climbing arborists take care of a variety of tasks including pruning, crown thinning, crown reduction, crown raising, branch weight reduction and more.

What is a groundperson?

If you’re just getting started in tree care services, you’ll likely start out as a groundperson. You don’t need previous experience or education to get started in this position, and you typically work with a crew to assist. This could include operating machinery, controlling rigging ropes and using hand tools. At Precision Tree Services, we simply call this position “general labourer.” We are currently hiring for this position.

What is a plan healthcare technician?

A plant healthcare technician is focused on keeping plants within urban environments healthy. They are experts at plant identification and have a comprehensive knowledge of local soil, pests and diseases. They help diagnose problems and work towards remediating. 

What is a tree consultant? 

Tree consultants are similar to a home inspector, but for trees. You’ll give them a call when you need an expert opinion on your trees. Tree consultants are brought in whenever there’s an insurance claim, development application, construction permit pending or if a homeowner has a particular tree they’re worried about.

What is an arborist representative?

This role is similar to a tree consultant but acts as more of a professional advisor for residential or commercial companies. They typically advise on creating tree care management plans and deal with decision-makers who are involved with urban planning.

If you decide to enter into the wonderful world of arboriculture keep in mind this is a year-round job and you’ll need to become used to working outside in all types of weather. It’s physically demanding and can be dangerous, but if you love working hard and playing hard, then tree care services will be an incredibly satisfying career choice.

Is Precision Tree Services Hiring?

Yes! As mentioned earlier, we are hiring general labourers and chainsaw operators. You learn more here:

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