What to Do After a Storm

In British Columbia, we’ve become accustomed to some pretty wicked rain, ice and even snow storms. The last thing you want to see when you look out your window after a storm is a jumbled mess of what used to be strong, tall, beautiful (and upright) trees littering your yard, street and driveway. If and when a storm wreaks havoc on your yard and you start Googling “tree service companies near me,” read this first—we got you. 

Here are the first two steps you should take after a storm has taken down a tree on your property

After you CAREFULLY assess your property to see what the damage is, if you notice downed telephone or power lines, call the hydro company ASAP. If there are any injuries or safety risks, make sure those are dealt with first and then follow these two steps for dealing with the damage and cleanup.

Step 1: Call your insurance company

If you spot any damage to your property, structures or vehicles, phone your insurance provider ASAP.

Unless you don’t plan on making an insurance claim for some reason, you will want an insurance adjuster to be on site before any tree removal work or general cleanup takes place so they can observe the full extent of the damage for their report. 

The adjuster will consider how much of the repairs and cleanup will require a contractor or other service provider. This is an important step because their report directly impacts how much your homeowners insurance will cover. 

Step 2: Call a tree service company

We know you’ve already done your due diligence search for “tree removal service near me” and have booked a free assessment with us! It’s a good idea to arrange for an arborist to be on site around the same time as the insurance adjuster is doing their report. Because while insurance adjusters know insurance, you’ll want a tree expert speaking to what needs to happen and how much it will cost.

Our qualified arborists are highly trained and ready for these complex and stressful situations. They can quickly assess what can be salvaged and what needs to be removed. 

Storm cleanup often involves heavy equipment, such as cranes and stump grinders, as well as extra safety precautions for our climbers and arborists. It’s important to leave this specialized work to the experts so no further damage or injury is suffered. 

When you’re choosing which tree services provider to work with, make a point to find a reputable, certified company that will do the job efficiently and safely, leaving your yard looking as good as possible. 

After the insurance adjuster has completed their report and you know what’s covered (and what’s not), together we’ll make a plan to mitigate the situation. Our goal is to remove the debris, while salvaging as much as we can. 

Waking up to your beloved trees snapped and uprooted by Mother Nature’s wrath is disheartening, but at least you know you can trust your friendly, neighbourhood Supertreeroes to ease your burden and clear away the damage.


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