Tools of the Trade

It’s not just axes and saws over here. No, it’s so much more (and cooler!) than that. Arborists and professional tree cutters are trained to use a ton of manual and power tools and we select the right ones for each job. No matter if the tree is big, small or somewhere in between, we’ve got the skills and tools to give your trees the help they need.

Professional tree cutter tools  

As much as we love chopping generally, we don’t love cutting trees when we don’t have to. If there is a way to repair or treat a tree problem, we’ll recommend that course of action first. 

We want to see as many healthy trees standing as possible!

But sometimes, keeping a tree is not possible. Maybe your tree is encroaching on your neighbour’s yard. Perhaps the top broke during a gnarly storm. Maybe we’ve done an assessment and discovered it’s rotten on the inside. It could be that it’s in the way of your home expansion project. 

If we do find that a tree has got to go, we’ve got the tools to make it happen. 

Here’s what a professional tree cutting tool kit consists of


The most important tool for cutting down trees! 

Hand saw

For smaller jobs or when noise and location are an issue.

Stump grinder

A high-speed disk grinds away the stump and roots left behind after a tree has been chopped down.


Transforms the removed trunk and branches into mulch.


For felling trees, splitting wood, and finishing the job with wedges.


Helps when using an axe and chainsaw to protect the cutter and equipment and also allows the professional tree cutter to choose the direction the tree falls.

Professional tree trimming tools

Sometimes an arborist’s job is not to cut down a tree but instead to make it healthier or to strategically remove branches (for safety and beauty). 

Trimming trees is a big part of a professional tree cutter’s work. A tree pruning, crown raising or crown reduction may be just what your tree doctor ordered to keep your yard looking its best.

Here’s what a professional tree trimming tool kit consists of 


Hand-held powerful shears designed to snip small dead or unwanted twigs and branches.


Small hand saws can be carried up trees to get rid of branches that are too thick for regular pruners.

Pole saw

A pole saw is a long pole with a small chainsaw at the end. It’s used to cut those hard-to-reach branches as well as trim hedges and other foliage.

Tree lopper

This is a long, two-handed manual shears used for trimming branches and twigs.


A small axe that can be used to hack off branches.


This is the most important and versatile tool for tree cutting!

A professional tree cutter has many options in their toolkit to make sure every job is done right and safely. 

In addition to these common tools, there are many more that are used to keep cutters and climbers safe on the job. At your next tree trimming or removal, rest assured our certified tree professionals have the cutting and safety tools, skills and knowledge to get the job done right the first time.

Photo by Poul Cariov

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