Keeping Our Climbers Safe

If it is your first time running a search for “tree companies near me,” you may be unfamiliar with what goes into getting your trees removed or branches trimmed. 

Our tree professionals are serious about getting the job done, but even more serious about safety. When we show up for the job, here are some things we do to keep our climbers and everyone else safe. 

What tree companies near me do to keep climbers safe

Tree climbers are highly-trained professionals who can scale trees of any size and work with manual and power tools high in the air. We take the safety of our workers seriously and use specialized equipment and training in order to ensure we’re always following best practices. You may think that cutting is the most dangerous part of the job, but it’s actually the climbing, which historically has caused more injuries. 

While an arborist’s tool kit includes many cutting tools for chopping trees and trimming branches, the most space is dedicated to climbing and safety equipment. 

Here’s what a professional tree climbing toolkit consists of


To protect climbers from falling debris from above or if they fall.


Allows climbers to work while suspended in the air.

Safety goggles

Protects their eyes from branches and flying wood chips while cutting.

Work gloves

Protects climbers hands from rough trees and from tools.

Protective clothing

Designed to be durable for the tough work climbers do and protect their skin from scratches.


Attaches to a climber’s boots to let them dig their heels into the side of the tree trunk to get footing and traction.

Communication radio

Allows for communication with the ground crew about the job or if something goes wrong. 

Ascenders and descenders

Handheld climbing tools that tree climbers use to hoist themselves up and down trees manually. 

Pulleys, carabiners and rope

Climbers carry extra equipment in case the need arises. 

First aid kit 

Climbers can triage an injury on themselves or fellow climber immediately before safely coming back to the ground. 

What tree companies near me do to keep me and my property safe

Climbers and ground crews are not the only ones whose safety we think about on the job site. We also need to ensure the safety of everyone on the premises as well as other trees, buildings and vehicles in the area. 

To keep you safe, we clear the area so only essential personnel are near the tree being worked on and anyone who is in this area will be wearing safety equipment such as helmets, safety goggles, etc. 

We take every precaution to avoid damaging buildings, vehicles and other trees by carefully planning our cuts and angling the tree so it falls in a predetermined direction, away from things that could be damaged. 

You are trusting us with a dangerous job, and we don’t take it lightly! We work to ensure everyone is safe and your property is protected so we can get the job done quickly and without incident. With specialized equipment and training, we take pride in our commitment to safety for all our climbers, cutters and clients.

Photo by Sven Brandsma

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