Pre and Post Tree Removal Care

Whether you are calling a local tree removal service to remove a tree that is broken or in the way there are some steps you can take to make the process run smoothly. 

Here are some tips for what to do before and after you have a tree removal service to ensure the removal goes as quickly and safely as possible.  

Before your local tree removal company comes

The tree professionals will do most of the work, but before they arrive, you can take some steps to make their job easier and safer—such as preparing your yard for them. 

Cleaning up the area around where the tree removal will happen is a crucial step in the tree removal process. Pick up leaves, twigs, and other debris to help the arborists have a flat, safe area to do their job. 

Another way to prepare for your local tree removal company is to make sure there is a clear path for vehicles and equipment to access the tree. Workers need to be able to park and manoeuvre vehicles around your property. Moving items that may be in the way such as gardening gear, lawn mowers, outdoor toys, and furniture before the crew arrives will allow work to begin quickly. 

After your local tree removal company comes

Removal is only the first step! Once the tree is removed, you’ll have an ugly hole in the ground to deal with.  

The first thing you will want to do is clear away leaves, twigs, and debris from the area to start with a clean slate. Then, turning the soil will reinvigorate it. If your soil is not looking healthy, fresh soil and fertiliser will help a lot. Once the ground is level, plant grass seeds to fill in the area so in a few months, you will never know there was once a hole of dirt and debris. 

After the grass grows and your yard is looking super good looking again, you may decide to plant more trees or use the open space in a new way. 

Calling your local tree removal company is an excellent first step for dealing with a dangerous or an unwanted tree. Rest assured that our tree professionals will get the job done right the first time. With a bit of help from you, we can get your tree removed quickly and safely, leaving you to start imagining what to do with your new yard.

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