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Are Your Trees Raising or Lowering Your Property Value?

Your home is the largest investment you will ever make. If you are planning on selling and getting a good return on your investment, you do not want anything lowering the value of your property. 

Dead, diseased, decaying, and damaged trees can majorly bring down your property value and turn away potential buyers. If you find yourself in this boat, search up “tree removal companies near me” and call in the tree professionals!

A tree removal company near you can help increase your property value

In general, trees are beneficial to have around your home. We’re big fans of trees. Like, the biggest. But there are trees to plant, and others best avoided in our local area. 

When choosing what trees to plant in the first place there are a few things you are going to want to think about. You should avoid trees that attract invasive pests and diseases, as well as trees not suited to our area or climate. This will help lower the risk of your trees having issues in the future. 

Considering the trees already on your property, here are some things to look out for that, if not removed, could lower your property value.

  • Trees hanging over your roof or vehicles or that is closer than 15 feet
  • Trees with heavily damaged bark on the trunk
  • Trees with large, extensive root systems that can cause a crack in your foundation
  • Damaged or broken trees
  • Trees failing to thrive
  • Trees with rot or decay
  • Plain old eyesores

Having trees like this around your home will make potential buyers turn the other way because they are more likely to fall and cause damage, costing them money down the road. Being proactive and getting a tree removal company to do an assessment and clear up any problem trees will make your yard ridiculously good looking. Much more attractive to buyers! 

How trees can increase your property value

One surefire way to up the value of your home is to have healthy, mature trees and a well-maintained yard. Never underestimate the power of trees! Here are some ways trees can improve your property value. 

Curb appeal

Lush, beautiful trees will lure in buyers. Dead, damaged, and poorly-maintained trees will send buyers away before even getting through the door. Everyone wants to live in a nice house on a nice street, and people will pay big bucks for a house with curb appeal. 

Save on energy costs

You may not realise it, but having tall, mature trees can actually save a lot of money on your energy bill. The large tree tops block a lot of the sun, helping to lower the temperature of your home in the hot summer months. This means you don’t need to run the air conditioner as much in those two weeks of summer because your house is naturally cooler, saving you money on your energy bill. 


No one likes to feel like they’re on display in their own home. Having trees on your property helps create a barrier between you and your neighbours, giving you privacy. Being surrounded by nature and feeling comfortable in your own home can help boost mood and lower stress levels. 

Maintaining healthy trees and removing unhealthy and out of place trees can do wonders for your home’s value. If you think your tree is potentially lowering the appeal and value of your property, call in a tree removal company near you to get back your investment.

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