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What to Expect from a Crane Tree Removal

When you think of a tree removal, you may be picturing a ladder, pruners, and a chainsaw. But did you know supertreeroes also use cranes? This method can be faster and safer than other means. Here is what you need to know about having a crane tree removal service done. 

What happens during a crane tree removal?

A tree crane is a specialised piece of equipment used by tree removal companies. It’s slightly different from a construction crane, which is what you’re probably imaging right now. 

When we pull this bad-boy up to your property, it is important to make sure the street in front of your house is clear and a path to the tree is made so we can get our equipment to the site. 

Before any work is done, we stabilise the crane so it does not tip over. Depending on the slope and softness of the ground, this can take a while—but the wait is well worth it. 

Once the crane is in place, the crane operator will lift the boom (arm) with the climber in the basket to begin their detailed plan of attack. The climber then attaches themself to the tree and the crane to a section of the tree that they cut away and the crane lifts them away and down to the ground. 

The ground crew get to work by cutting the sections brough to them into smaller pieces to be put through the chipper. This process is repeated until the tree is removed, piece by piece. 

Why we do crane tree removals

There are several reasons arborists will opt for a crane tree removal. 

Reach taller trees

When we are called in for a removal of a particularly large tree, we will usually go for a crane tree removal because it helps get our climbers up to great heights quickly and safely, while making the large job more manageable.

Reach confined or otherwise inaccessible areas

Without a crane, a tree removal involves chopping down a tree and letting it fall to the ground. What if the tree is surrounded by homes or buildings with no safe or predictable place to fall without causing serious damage to surrounding structures? Doing a crane tree removal makes it possible because instead of falling, the tree is removed vertically and carefully placed on the ground in small pieces. 

Increased safety

Tree climbing is naturally a dangerous profession. But dead, decaying, and damaged trees make it even more dangerous. If a tree is weak and unstable, it becomes unsafe and too great a risk for climbers. Doing a crane tree removal is a much safer option because the crane is lifting the climber. 

More efficient

While it takes a lot of time to get the crane stabilised, set up all the equipment, and go over the plan with the crew, the actual task of removing the tree usually goes very quickly. This is because we take the time on the frontend to make sure everyone knows their role so the removal goes smoothly. 

Don’t be afraid of a crane tree removal—they are really not as big a deal as you may think. This specialised piece of equipment allows us to reach your tall and not-so-accessible trees and remove them with precision.

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