Springtime Tree Inspection

As winter turns to spring, it is time to check up on your trees. After a harsh, cold winter these outdoor warriors could use a little TLC  to get ready for the growing season.

What to look for in the spring

Here are some things to look for to see if your trees are in tip-top shape or if you need to look for an arborist doing tree work near you.

Dead branches of trees

Not all trees survive the winter. Dead trees and branches can be a major safety hazard and need to be removed. To check if a branch is still alive, cut away a small piece of bark and look inside. If it is green and moist, then it’s fine. If not, remove the branch or call in a trained arborist. 

Winter burn

With long months of cold winds, evergreens can commonly experience winter burn. Look for browning at the tips of branches. This indicates that the tissue has become dried out over the winter. Give these trees an extra good watering to bring back their moisture. 

Excess moisture

Some trees get too dry, and others get too wet! Snow melt can be a problem for trees who have lots of snow piled up around their trunk. With all that snow melting, the tree can easily become overwatered and unable to absorb and drain all the excess. Look for discoloration and curing of leaves to tell you if the area around your tree is having drainage issues. 

Late bloomers

As the trees start to bloom and grow leaves in the spring, look for which ones are not producing like the others. Late blooming can indicate that there is possibly an underlying problem with the tree. Reaching out to an arborist doing tree work near you can help uncover what the problem is. 

Tree work near me in springtime

Spring can be a busy time for arborists and tree service companies. After doing your springtime inspection looking for signs of sick trees, you may find you need a little extra help. A trained arborist is passionate about making sure your trees are healthy, safe, and ridiculously good looking. They can answer questions and concerns you may have about your trees, assess them, and come up with treatment or removal plans. 

Spring is a great time to get trees and bushes trimmed and planted after the harsh winter to revitalise your yard for the warmer months ahead. 

Winter can be harsh on trees. Inspecting them yourself in the early spring can give you time to get help and fix the problem while still giving them enough time to grow and recover in the later spring and summer. If you notice anything that concerns you, look up “tree work near me” to find a tree specialist to get the job done quickly and safely.

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