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How to Prep Your Trees for Winter

With winter comes ice, rain, snow, freezing temperatures, and strong winds. While we can’t stop winter from coming, we can prepare our trees to give them the best chance of surviving the harsh conditions to thrive once more come springtime. There are some things you can do yourself, or search up “tree arborist near me” to help prep your trees for winter. 

3 Ways to Prep Your Trees For Winter

Wrap the trunk

Something you might want to consider is wrapping the trunk of your trees before winter. Young and newly-planted trees are especially vulnerable to the harsh conditions and could use extra protection. 

Using a commercial tree wrap helps protect your trees from damage from frost, freezing temperatures and sun scald. Wrap around the trunk up to the bottom branches when the weather starts to get colder and remove it in the spring when it starts to warm up. Think of it as your tree having its very own winter jacket! 

Add fresh mulch

Another way you can give your trees an upper hand when the weather starts to turn is to give them a top up of fresh mulch. Mulch acts as insulation for the ground and roots. This extra layer of insulation around the base of the tree allows the ground to hold on to more moisture for longer periods of time, helping reduce winter drought. 

Water your trees

While we might think that trees get plenty of water in the winter from all the snow, winter doubt is something trees struggle with during the colder months. Before the ground freezes, at the end of fall, give your trees a really good watering once or twice even. This excess of water right before it starts to freeze will give your tree a boost and water to hold onto for when there is little moisture in the coming weeks and months.

How can a tree arborist near me help?

Your local tree arborists can help with your winter tree prep. If you do not have the materials on hand, give us a call to help add fresh mulch to the base of your vulnerable trees and wrap up their trunks before the cold temperatures arrive.

An arborist can also advise and help with pre or post winter pruning of problematic branches. Winter is an energy-saving time for trees where they hold all of their energy and nutrients in the trunk. Avoid unnecessary pruning during winter and either opt for removing dead branches before or after the winter months. Removing branches requires the tree to spend energy to heal the cut, energy they do not always have to spare. 

Just as you prepare yourself and your car for the harsh winter temperatures and conditions, your trees could also use a little extra TLC at this time of year. Give yourself the gift of healthy trees by wrapping their trunks, giving them some extra mulch and water at the beginning of the season or calling a tree arborist near you for expert advice. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

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