How to Make Your Christmas Tree Last Longer

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The snow is falling, the festivities are beginning and it is time to pick out your live Christmas tree. There are a few key considerations to keep in mind to get the most out of your holiday greenery. Here is what the tree doctor says about picking the right tree and how to keep it healthy all season long. 

Choosing the perfect Christmas tree

Most people who choose live Christmas trees select one from a set of pre-cut trees. But just because a tree is for sale does not mean that it is healthy or appealing. 

Know your measurements

Before going to the tree farm, you should already know where you want your tree to sit in your home, your ceiling height, and how much surrounding space your tree will have to fit in. 

As we have learned in some of our favourite holiday classics, a tree that is too tall or large for the space simply does not work. Remember to leave at least six inches between the treetop and ceiling to have enough room for a tree topper. 

Look at all sides

You would hate to come home and set up your holiday tree just to find out that one side is completely flat or sparse. Make sure you are looking at your tree from every angle before you bring it home—even if it is tied up. Look for even, full, and spaced branches on all sides. 

Check for freshness 

There are a few ways to check the freshness and health of your tree to make it last as long as possible. 

One sign of a fresh tree is that the trunk should be slightly sticky from the sap. Another tip is to gently shake the tree. If it is fresh, only a few needles should fall. If it is dry, many needles will fall. Take this as a sign to keep looking. Lastly, they are called evergreens for a reason—the greener the better! 

What the tree doctor says about keeping your Christmas tree hydrated

Once you have chosen your tree and set it up, want to make sure it lasts. This is as much for safety as it is for keeping the holiday spirit bright. A dry tree is a fire hazard! Here are two steps for keeping your tree healthy and hydrated. 

Cut the bottom of the trunk

Before setting up your tree, take a handsaw and slice off a thin disk from the bottom of the trunk. While your tree sat on the lot, sap covered and dried over the original cut, making it difficult for water to get in. A fresh cut will let your water absorb more water, keeping it from drying out. 

Regularly water your tree

Hydration is key to maintaining your tree all holiday season. Right when you get your tree home and set up, fill up the dish with water and let it soak it up. Your tree has likely been sitting outside for a while and is in need of a drink. Don’t be surprised if you need to water your tree everyday, even twice a day. That’s a good sign! 

Enjoy this holiday season and get the most out of your Christmas tree by choosing a healthy tree and making sure it stays hydrated. A dry tree not only looks bad, but is a serious fire hazard. That is one sure way to kill your holiday spirit.

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