The Best Tree Pruning Tools to Own

You take pride in your trees and in your landscaping. It can be a big job to maintain all your greenery and without any tools for the job, you’re basically up the creek without a paddle. But in tree terms.

For those major jobs like large tree removals, be sure to call in your local tree professionals. However, you may be able to handle some small jobs yourself as long as you have the right tools.

The three best tools to own

Having the right tool for the right job is going to make your DIY tree or brush trimming go much more smoothly and safely. Depending on the size and location of your problematic branch, here are some suggestions for tools that you may want to have on hand for incidental jobs around the yard. 

Pruning shears

A simple pair of pruning shears can be a saving grace when it comes to simple yard maintenance. This versatile tool can come in handy for tree and bush work. 

Designed to be held in one hand and easy to use, pruning shears are a must-have for your tool kit. Pruning shears basically look like a pair of scissors and are great for trimming small branches and twigs less than an inch in diameter. 


Larger branches require larger tools. A lopper looks very similar to a bolt cutter and is used with two hands to snip off larger branches or those a little farther away. Loppers can successfully cut branches up to two inches in diameter.

Pole pruner

A pole pruner is a tool you can pull out for those hard-to-reach branches. This tool can reach branches up to 15 feet in the air and are often used to remove dead branches. 

Pole pruners can feature both a bypass blade and a pruning saw. Much like a lopper, the bypass blade can cut branches up to two inches thick, while the pruning saw can tackle slightly larger branches. 

When to call in the professionals

If you do not have the right tools

Not having the right tools and having to improvise could spell bad news. If you do not have the right tool for the job, get someone who does and who is trained on how to safely and effectively use it. 

If you do not feel comfortable

Not everyone feels comfortable doing tree work. When in doubt, call in an arborist for your tree needs. They are highly trained and passionate about maintaining your tree’s health and good looks and would be more than happy to help you out with any of your big or small jobs. 

If it is a big job

You may be able to do some branch removals solo, but when it comes to tree or stump removal, crown work, or dealing with fungus, call in a pro to handle these bigger, riskier jobs. We’ve got the training, tools, expertise and insurance to deal with these issues properly.

If you have trees and bushes on your property, you may want to keep some versatile tools on hand for small tree branch removals and pruning that you can do on your own. However, tree work can be dangerous and those should be left to the professionals.

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