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Why Hiring a Local Certified Arborist for Tree Care Matters

Finding a certified arborist tree care pro in Courtenay can be challenging. Tree experts have varying levels of knowledge. Some have professional credentials, while others are self-taught and may not understand tree science or care — they just cut trees.

Asking about certifications and qualifications is essential before hiring an arborist.

Why should you care about licensing or certification?

A qualified arborist is essential for protecting the health of your trees. Before hiring one, ask about their certifications and qualifications. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Trusting a tree care specialist, especially one you don’t know, is tough. Your trees are a valuable part of your property, and fixing or replacing them can be costly.

What should you know when searching for certified arborist tree care in your area?

Arborist vs. Tree Cutter

There is a big difference between a professional arborist with education and training and a person with a chainsaw. Trained arborists are pros who work for tree service companies. A tree cutter most likely has no formal knowledge or education in arboricultural science.

It’s a case of buyer beware: hiring unskilled labour can lead to damaged trees or worse.

Licensed Arborist vs. Certified

You have to be selective when choosing an arborist for your tree maintenance. Proper tree care can be complicated. In B.C., arborists are not restricted by licensing, so don’t fall for anyone telling you they are “licensed.”

A certified arborist has formal training in tree science and industry safety standards.

They may be an arborist Apprentice, Journeyperson or have taken the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) exam to become certified.

Local certified arbor tree care specialists know your specific growing conditions; they can write arborist reports for tree permits. They may also have other tree risk assessment, safety, or appraisal qualifications.

What does certification give you?

Educational Background: They have a deeper understanding of tree biology and best practices for tree care.

Safety Peace of Mind: Professionals have standards to follow, ensuring your property’s and their safety.

Better Quality Work: Because of their knowledge and expertise, they provide better quality work than others lacking experience or training.

What to look for in a qualified professional

Make sure the arborist you are considering has valid credentials. Paying more upfront can save you long-term stress, time and money.

Also, check if they are members of professional organizations like the ISA or the B.C. Society of Landscape Architects, etc. Membership in such organizations shows an ongoing commitment to industry standards and best practices.

Always trust your trees to a local certified arborist tree care professional. Skill and knowledge matter — protect your trees wisely. Ask, verify, and trust expertise.

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