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Courtenay’s Certified Tree Experts

Certified, schmertified! What does it matter? They’re just dealing with trees. How much damage could an uncertified tree cutter do?

Well, it turns out a lot. Not only could they damage your trees, but they could also damage your property, and they may not have the proper training to work safely and prevent injuries.

For more information about the difference between a certified arborist and a tree cutter, check out this post.

Why is using a certified arborist important?

In a nutshell, their training. To be a journeyperson arborist, you must complete a set amount of classroom instruction and work-based apprentice training. 

Not only do certified arborists learn about trees, but they also receive extensive training in safely operating the tools and equipment used by arborists, regulations, and safety practices. 

The specific training they receive depends on the type of arborist they are. Our team at Precision Tree Care consists of journeyperson utility arborists, apprentice utility arborists, and groundsmen.

What is a journeyperson utility arborist?

Utility arborists can prune, fall, and remove trees and vegetation from any location. But what makes them special is they are the only people who can prune, fall, or remove trees and vegetation in close proximity (within 3m or 9.8 ft) of energized power lines, electrical equipment, structures, and conductors. 

According to SkilledTradesBC to become a certified utility arborist, they must complete:

  • 8 weeks of technical training over 2 years
  • 2,378 hours of work-based training
  • Pass the SkilledTradesBC Certificate of Qualification Exam

During their apprenticeship period, they receive extensive training in:

  • Regulations and other occupational skills
  • Powered equipment
  • Hand tools and small power tools
  • Tree work and management
  • Falling and bucking
  • Rigging
  • Climbing
  • Emergency response
  • Job planning and risk assessment
  • Powerline awareness

If someone has significant work experience as an arborist or has certification from another jurisdiction, they can apply to SkilledTradesBC to challenge the certification.

Being a certified arborist is so much more than just trees. When you see all the training a certified arborist receives just to get certified, it is easy to see the difference between us and a handyman or DIYer. It’s also easy to see why you should always use a certified arborist. And don’t just take their word for it, ask to see their certificate or, at the very least, their certificate number. SkilledTradesBC has a handy tool where you can look up your tradesperson and see if they are certified.

All of our arborists are either journeyperson or apprentice arborists. 

We don’t just do excellent work, we aim to go above and beyond. We have the skills and knowledge to:

  • Intelligently assess your unique needs
  • Ensure you understand the work that needs to be done before we start 
  • Safely complete the work
  • Teach you to spot potential hazards so you can give us a call before the hazard becomes an emergency

Protect your trees and your property. Contact Precision Tree Care today.

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