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Help, I Need A Tree Removal Company Near Me! —Supertreeroes To The Rescue

Need local tree removal services in the Comox Valley? Besides searching for “tree removal companies near me,” what else do I think about?

There are several things to things about before you (ahem, literally) make the call. This is true, especially if the tree you’re thinking about removing is causing a hazard and you need emergency services. However, you might have a diseased tree or want to redesign your landscape, and the tree needs to be removed.

What questions or factors should you consider before you pick the right commercial tree services company to remove your tree?

Track Record or Customer Service:

Do they have referrals or testimonials on their website or Google? If there are no online reviews, ask them for referrals. If a tree care company is reputable, you won’t be their first client in the Comox Valley. It’s perfectly acceptable to ask to contact other happy customers. If a removal company doesn’t provide referrals, move on to the next tree service company.

Their Equipment:

What equipment do they use? There are two aspects to this question.

Some types of tree removal equipment are better than others, and the removal company might need special tools to get your specific job done. Ensure you clearly explain the job and receive a commitment from the prospective company that their devices will cut it (pun intended). For instance, if a removal company doesn’t have a crane, its reach is significantly limited.

Location, Location, Location.

Where is the tree planted? How much space do you have to get that equipment in and out to reach it? Are power lines or other obstacles making the job more complicated and costly? Do you need stump grinding or stump removal?

Consider all of the costs of tree removal.

Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples when looking at quotes. Always ask for an estimate up-front. Even if a company provides you with an estimate, ensure there aren’t any hidden costs.

Get peace of mind with experienced professionals. While the trees in your backyard or commercial property are good for the environment and look beautiful, they could present a danger to you under the wrong circumstances. These days, wildfires have become more common. If you live in an area with a fire risk or a rotted-out tree threatens to fall over, you might need to remove one or more trees.

You know you’re handy, but you might think this project is outside your pay grade as the average homeowner. A call to a professional arborist or a local tree removal company will keep you – and your property – safe.

Call Precision Tree Services, your professional tree supertreeroes in the Comox Valley. Our tree experts guarantee a superior level of safe, courteous service at affordable prices.

Reach us at our Comox Valley office at 250-650-1503 for a free estimate.

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