I, [your name], acknowledge the truth of the work I am about to undertake. I will be working at mind numbing heights hanging from a giant mechanized fishing rod, or by dangling from thousands of hairs twisted together, or under multiple sky workers cutting thousands of pounds of crushing debris near me. I will do this work while using razor sharp cutting implements that could cut off any of my limbs at any time, instantly. I will be working on towering trees that are near power lines that carry enough electricity to kill me 10,000 times over. I will work with massive people-shredding machines on roads packed with zombies and wheeled steel coffins driven at breakneck speeds by oblivious distracted people that cannot see me.
I am ready for this challenge and plan to execute my job with precision. I plan to finish the job I start. I will remain engaged at all times and look forward to using whatever obstacles fate puts in my path to sharpen my skills and strengthen myself. I will follow this Pledge and the Plan below to remind me to do the things I need to do to prevent The Reaper from collecting my soul today:
1. Self trigger FFRC states
I [your name], will self-trigger, recognizing The Four Horsemen of Death – Frustration, Fatigue, Rushing  and Complacency – in myself before one of the Four Instruments of Death – Eyes Not on Task, Mind Not on Task, Being in the Line-of-Fire or Losing my Balance, Traction or Grip – kills me.
2. Call out FFRC to help others
I, [your name], will call out “FFRC!” to my teammates if I see the Four Horsemen of Death – Frustration, Fatigue, Rushing and Complacency – taking control of one of them before one of the Four Instruments of Death – Eyes Not on Task, Mind Not on Task, Being in the Line-of-Fire or Losing my Balance, Traction or Grip – kills them.
3. Analyze close calls and near misses
I, [your name], will take time to analyze close calls and small errors—like momentarily losing my balance— and to think about whether it was a state like Frustration, Fatigue or Rushing that I didn’t self-trigger on. Or, if the cause was Complacency, then I will work on a survival habit to prevent the close call or small error from happening again.
4. Work on developing Survival Habits
I, [employee name], will work on developing a survival habits so that when I get complacent and my mind wanders, I will not pay the ultimate price. The Survival Habits include:
  • moving my eyes before I move my hands, feet, body or car
  • testing my footing or grip before I commit my weight to it
  • looking at my “second foot” as I step over a branches or ditches that I could trip on
  • lightly touching something before I grab it since it might be too heavy to lift
  • planning my route up so I can get down
  • planning my route down so I can get up
  • stretching for performance
  • habitually looking for up, down, left, right and ahead for The Reaper who is waiting just down the road
  • other: ________________________________________________________________ (I will share additions with my team)
I am committed to reading, understanding and acting this Pledge well enough so I can apply it in real time. Since I travel 88 feet per second at 90 kmh, these skills need to be practiced daily to work. Self-triggering after the car crash doesn’t do much good.
[Employee name]
[Employee signature]