How to Find Legitimate Tree Cut Services Companies

No one types “tree cut services near me” into their phone as fervently as someone who is stuck in the middle of the street, during a freak blizzard, with their path blocked by a fallen tree.

Perhaps a close second is someone who is stuck at home because a huge branch has fallen across their driveway, or even worse, a tree is leaning precariously towards the family home.

When you’re in a treemergency (see what we did there?) you may feel tempted to hire the first Joe Shmoe who passes by with a chainsaw. And, to be honest, this may be your only option in certain circumstances. But when you’re in a vulnerable situation, it’s easy to get taken advantage of and we don’t want you to get scammed.

While you don’t have to hire us when looking for emergency Comox Valley tree services, we want you to hire someone who isn’t going to rip you off or leave you in a worse situation than you were in originally.

3 Tips for Choosing Legitimate Tree Cut Services Companies

In a best-case scenario you want to research different Comox Valley tree service companies and ask for estimates before committing to hiring anyone. But when you’re in danger, or need to make a quick decision, here are a few things to check before forking over your credit card.

Look for Insurance Policies and Certifications

Whoever you hire for tree service work has to have the appropriate liability insurance and credentials. You cannot afford to miss this step. Ask the question upfront so you know you won’t be liable if something goes awry. If there’s an accident or damage occurs during tree removal you do NOT want to deal with the fallout, financial burden or potential lawsuits. Ask to see the company’s insurance policy and arborist certifications.

Read Reviews

Yes, time is of the essence but you still have time to do a quick Google search for “tree services companies near me” and check out the reviews. Search engines make it easy to see whether a Comox Valley tree service company has a five-star rating or not. Take a look and see what customers are saying.

Make Sure You’re Getting Competitive Pricing

Before you agree to tree service work, get an estimate of what it will cost you. At Precision Tree Services our prices are competitive. If the quote feels too good to be true, get a second quote. If it seems too high, get another quote. Do some quick comparison and make sure you’re getting a fair price for good work. Sure, in an emergency you may not have many options, but most of the time you’ll be able to get a few estimates before deciding on which Comox Valley tree services company you’ll hire.

If you find yourself needing a legitimate tree cut services company ASAP, we hope these tips will help you act quickly and avoid getting scammed. And if you want to add us to your list of trustworthy Comox Valley tree service professionals, it would mean a lot!

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