Felling Trees the Safe Way

If you’ve got a pesky tree making trouble, but you’re not sure what to do about it, you’ve come to the right place. Before you fire up your chainsaw and try your hand at tree felling solo style, read through these safety tips. Felling trees the safe way Felling trees may look simple, but not […]

What Certified Arborists Actually Do

Blatant self promotion

You may or may not know that Precision Tree Services’ owner and foreman James Flawith is one of Courtenay’s few certified arborists. This is great news for the next time you’re wondering, “Hey, do I know any arborists near me?” Because you can say yes. Yes you do. But all joking aside, certified arborists have […]

Tree Trimming Tips and Tools

Owner of Precision sitting back on a fallen tree. Hero image for blog page.

Have you ever wondered what the point of tree trimming is? While it is in large part focused on aesthetics and making your trees and yard as beautiful as possible, it’s also about safety. Left to their own devices, trees often become unruly and their branches grow in all sorts of directions. This leaves your […]

3 Ways to Make an Even Cut with a Chainsaw

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So you want to make an even cut with a chainsaw, is this even possible? As tree service specialists, we say of course! Now, you may be wondering why you would ever want or need to make a level cut in the first place. Simple answer: DIY wood log projects. You know you’ve thought about […]

4 Ways to Go Above and Beyond for Your Customers

At Precision Tree Services we live by a simple code: tree service that makes you smarter, safer and even better looking. We give above and beyond tree service for our customers. Guaranteed. Customer service has always been a big part of the way we run things because we’re committed to serving our friends and neighbours […]

How to Find Legitimate Tree Cut Services Companies

No one types “tree cut services near me” into their phone as fervently as someone who is stuck in the middle of the street, during a freak blizzard, with their path blocked by a fallen tree. Perhaps a close second is someone who is stuck at home because a huge branch has fallen across their […]