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Tree Trimming Tips and Tools

Have you ever wondered what the point of tree trimming is? While it is in large part focused on aesthetics and making your trees and yard as beautiful as possible, it’s also about safety.

Left to their own devices, trees often become unruly and their branches grow in all sorts of directions. This leaves your trees looking unbalanced and unwieldy. Overgrowth also impacts your tree’s health and could affect the health of other trees in the vicinity, because extra branches can block other branches and trees from receiving the right amount of light, nutrients and moisture they need.

What’s the Difference Between Tree Trimming and Pruning?

Both tree trimming and tree pruning are important to your tree’s looks and health. While they’re often used interchangeably, they’re not the same.

Tree trimming is all about thinning out unruly branches, which gives your trees a pleasing shape and space to your other trees so your yard decor stays balanced.

Pruning has a larger focus on your tree’s health. This is where weak or dead branches are removed, as well as strategic cuts made in order to control the size and aid flower or fruit yields.

Tree Trimming Tools

If you’re planning to do your own tree care, having the proper equipment will be a big help! Here are a few of the tools required for any tree trimming activity.

Extendable Pole Pruner

Pole tree trimmers are excellent for trimming small or medium-sized trees. The extendable feature allows you to trim trees without needing a ladder.


Perhaps chainsaws are a given when talking about tree maintenance, but have you considered whether to get a gas-powered saw, an electric saw or a battery-powered chainsaw? Each type of chainsaw has its own pros and cons but the electric chainsaw is definitely the lightest and easiest to use when cutting.

Alligator Lopper

An alligator lopper is a specialized tree trimming tool that cuts like a chainsaw but is even lighter and easier to use. The lopper can cut branches up to four-inches thick in a quick, scissor-like motion.

Wood Chipper

Why would you need a wood chipper? While it may not be directly involved with tree trimming, you’re definitely going to be glad you have one when you’re wondering what to do with all the debris. While you could burn your branches or bundle everything for the town to pick up, using a wood chipper allows you to create your own much so you can use it on your tree bases or in other parts of your yard.

It’s all about beautification!

When is the Best Time to Trim Trees?

In general, you’ll want to trim your trees once or twice per year. Frequency really comes down to personal preference, although you should think about tree trimming when you notice your trees looking unwieldy or just plain too large.

Aim to trim your trees sometime between when the leaves change colour in autumn and when the flowers bloom in spring.

If you’re thinking about pruning, just keep in mind the timing depends on your plant’s species as you’ll want to prune strategically, based on when the plant grows buds for the next year. 

Give us a call with any questions you have about tree trimming or pruning. We’re happy to answer any timing or tools questions you have and will make recommendations for the best service for your unique situation.

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