How Can I Tell if My Tree Needs to Be Pruned?

Trimming, pruning, tomato, tomah-to. Same thing, right? Not exactly; trimming is done for more aesthetic reasons, and pruning is done to improve the health of a tree. We dig deeper into differences in this blog. 

Here, we will discuss the different hints your tree gives you when it needs pruning.

Your tree needs a good pruning if it exhibits any of the following:

Dead Wood

A dead limb or branch is a falling hazard and must be cut from the tree. If the entire tree has died, we must cut down the whole tree.

Decaying Wood

Any decaying or rotting wood needs to be removed from the tree. It can weaken the structure of a tree and, in some instances, spread to other areas of the tree. 

It can be hard to spot because sometimes it is covered by the tree’s bark. One of our certified arborists can help find decay or rot in your tree.

Pest Infestation

Trees can be damaged and weakened by woodpeckers and a variety of bugs. Pruning the infested areas can stop the infestation from spreading and remove any branches that have become falling hazards.

Poor Tree Structure

Did you know that a tree could have too many branches? Or a poorly shaped canopy can put too much physical stress on the tree?

The additional stress caused by too many branches or an unsymmetrical canopy can compromise the tree’s structural integrity. The lack of structural integrity could lead to the tree or parts of the tree falling.

Pruning the tree back into shape limits this risk.

Damaged Wood

Any damaged wood on the tree should be removed. If a branch has a crack in it, prune the branch back to where the crack started. The crack weakens the limb, and there is a good chance it will break away without notice, damaging or injuring anything or anyone below it.

Problem Branch

It is crucial your tree doesn’t infringe on certain areas. Areas you want your tree to stay away from include:

  • Powerlines
  • Right of ways 
  • Roads
  • Structures

A tree encroaching into these areas can have disastrous results.

If you spot any of the above, let us know, and we will come and sort it out. It is always better to call us sooner than later. The goal is to fix the problem before it becomes an immediate hazard. 

If it is already an immediate hazard, call us at (250-650-1503) without delay. Falling trees and limbs can cause a lot of damage.

Interested in the different types of pruning? Check out this blog.

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