Tips from a Tree Professional: How to Safely Decorate Outdoor Trees

Whether you’re decorating your yard for the holidays, treating the local wildlife to a show or want to give your outdoor space a facelift, keep the health of your precious trees in mind as you choose your decor. Here are some tips from your local neighbourhood tree professionals to help you ensure a safe, fun […]

Keeping Our Climbers Safe

If it is your first time running a search for “tree companies near me,” you may be unfamiliar with what goes into getting your trees removed or branches trimmed.  Our tree professionals are serious about getting the job done, but even more serious about safety. When we show up for the job, here are some […]

Tools of the Trade

It’s not just axes and saws over here. No, it’s so much more (and cooler!) than that. Arborists and professional tree cutters are trained to use a ton of manual and power tools and we select the right ones for each job. No matter if the tree is big, small or somewhere in between, we’ve […]

What to Do After a Storm

In British Columbia, we’ve become accustomed to some pretty wicked rain, ice and even snow storms. The last thing you want to see when you look out your window after a storm is a jumbled mess of what used to be strong, tall, beautiful (and upright) trees littering your yard, street and driveway. If and […]

This Could Be Making Your Trees Sick

Have you noticed the needles on certain coniferous trees, specifically Douglas-fir, are turning red and brittle? You might be thinking the worst and are looking for a pine tree removal service. If this is you, you’re not alone. An estimated 90% of Douglas-fir in the Comox Valley are experiencing this. But what is causing it?   […]

The Mulch, the Whole Mulch and Nothing but the Mulch

If you’ve ever had a tree or bush removal service, you know what special gift is left behind—MULCH (and lots of it)! So what exactly is this glorious shredded-wonder? To paraphrase the great William Shakespeare*, mulch by any other name would be…well…wood chips, essentially.  *not actually Shakespeare. On-site wood-chipping is a convenient and cost-efficient way […]