Groundman – Entry Level Arborist

Chipping debris, just one of the tree services we offer.

From $25 an hour – Permanent, Full-time Full job description Ground Worker – Entry Level Arborist – profit sharing & employee share ownership plan! Company Intro Precision Tree is currently the #2 ranked utility tree contractor in BC, and we want you to help us get to #1. We are building a team of leaders with a purpose […]

Arborists Use Science to Help Your Trees

Did someone call a doctor? A tree doctor, that is.  A tree surgeon is an informal name for a certified arborist. Yes, there are people who call themselves tree surgeons who aren’t arborists. However, they don’t have the proper education and training to safely diagnose the tree’s problem, develop an action plan, and implement it.  […]

Do I Need a Certified Arborist or Can I Cut Down My Tree Myself?

Cutting down and removing a tree is a dangerous job. One small mistake can be costly. You could damage your property and injure yourself and others. Before you attempt to cut down your tree, ask yourself these three questions: 1. Do I have the right equipment (and know how to use it) to safely cut […]

Help, I Need A Tree Removal Company Near Me! —Supertreeroes To The Rescue

Need local tree removal services in the Comox Valley? Besides searching for “tree removal companies near me,” what else do I think about? There are several things to things about before you (ahem, literally) make the call. This is true, especially if the tree you’re thinking about removing is causing a hazard and you need […]

Tips from a Tree Professional: Sometimes you get what you pay for…


Why cheap tree-cutting services might not be your best option Choosing the right tree-cutting service is not just about cost—it’s about ensuring the health and safety of your trees. Trees can add beauty to your landscape or provide a haven for unwanted insects. When you uncover a potential issue – perhaps dead trees or damage […]

Does My Tree Need a Trimming or a Pruning? Is There a Difference?

Tree trimming is so much more than “just a little of the top and bottom, please.” You need to know where to trim and how much to take off. If you take off too much, you could damage and even kill the tree. The same is true for pruning.  Surely trimming your tree and pruning […]